Innovation Cup Innovation Cup

Discover disruptive ideas from your employees

Set your innovation goals

We help you set well defined innovation targets, before letting all creativity loose within your organization.

  • Goals

Create a competition framework

Develop competition, define deadlines, create incentives, plan your resources, determine output formats and finalize your competition framework.

  • Framework

Launch your Innovation Cup

Market your Innovation Cup within your organization. Get your employees on board and coach them during the process with our co-drivers.

  • Innovation cup

Vote for the best ideas

Don’t stop at the end of the Innovation Cup, but spread the word within your organization. Use the aftermovie experience to involve management and let participants become your top innovation ambassadors within the company.

  • Spread the word

What your cup might look like

Although every Innovation Cup is custom made, we can already give you a head start!

3 weeks


2 months

Competition Kickoff

Innovation Friday

Innovation Friday

Innovation Friday

Competition Closing

3 weeks


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This won't be our first rodeo

We've co-driven exciting Innovation Trackdays at some of the world’s leading companies. Intrigued?

See how industry leader, Marlux's commitment to an innovation culture has grown with "Innovation Fridays"

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One day can ignite disruption. See how Studio100 did just that with 8 disruptive concepts that merged digital and analog.

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