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Corporate Venturing Decoded — We’ve Rebranded!

The Bundl blog has officially rebranded! As we move towards different business techniques as a company, the knowledge and experience that we want to share with you has shifted. As such, we’ve decided to turn this into a dedicated place for information and stories about corporate venturing. As our experts grow with their clients and ventures, so will the deeper understanding that we can then share with you.

Since the topic as a whole is complicated, we’re breaking down Corporate Venturing Decoded into four distinct areas, giving you both the service and story sides to it: Corporate Venturing, Intrapreneur Stories, Innovation Z, and Bundl Insights.


Corporate Venturing

The purpose of this section is to provide you with tools and lessons learned from our direct experiences within corporate ventures, both in Europe and abroad. These lessons, theories, methodologies, and templates are useful tools for innovators, entre- & intrapreneurs, or corporates who are ready to begin their journey.


Intrapreneur Stories

The Intrapreneur Stories will feature inspiring intrapreneurs from around the world, with interviews directed at providing their lessons, advice, and how they found success.

We’re always on the lookout for our next inspiring intrapreneur — are you that one?


Innovation Z

Your customer of tomorrow will, without a doubt, include Gen Z — the digital generation. In our Innovation Z series, we’ll look at startups and beta services from a Gen Z perspective, using their unique angle as a starting point for thinking about future services. We’ll provide you with interesting and playful insights, entertaining videos, and leave you with a future-focused mindset.


Bundl Insights

Of course, we at Bundl practice what we preach, and we want to prove our expertise by showing you our own success stories. This means peeks into our services through our case logs, including one-day sprints, week-long workshops, or even months-long projects. As our company grows, so do our employees, and you’ll be able to hear from the Bundl entrepreneurs that you may call a part of your expert team.

We’re excited to begin our new journey on this blog and to share our learnings with you. If you’d like to get updates on any new insights, experiences, cases or stories from our intrapreneurs, you can follow us directly or subscribe to our newsletter below.

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