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How We Nurture Entrepreneurship in your Team

Have you ever heard of the Co-Entrepreneur model?

As a company, Bundl is turning its sights to corporate venturing, and only choosing to work with high-potential startups. We want to practice what we preach, and have our own entrepreneurial spirit to bring to these ventures. To make sure our team channels this, we created an innovative entrepreneurial model for cooperation, also known as our Co-Entrepreneur model.

This model was developed to nurture the entrepreneurial vibe within our company, culture and all of our ventures. We look for the very few out there that have what it takes to co-build a corporate startup from scratch to market traction. Entrepreneurs that take ownership, are eager to succeed, challenge us and our clients and are not afraid to step into the darkness of the unknown. Our current venture builders both have startups or other projects on the side, to fuel them even more with an outside-in entrepreneur perspective.

Though it’s obvious how Bundl benefits from this model, why is it interesting to those whose profile matches? Check this out:



  • You step away from the 9–5 idea
  • Your commitment is connected to targets in projects



  • You have the chance to be entrepreneurial with us
  • You grow with us — the better the office is doing, the better you do


Sweat for Money

  • Get value for your work
  • The amount of work and sweat you put into your work also reflects on your financial return


Innovation Platform

  • Focus on what you love! Rally your way through our client’s ventures
  • Sales, marketing, HR, legal, etc. are covered by Bundl

“The Co-Entrepreneur Model gives me the chance to combine my own startups with being a freelance innovation consultant, without having to do all the sales & marketing myself.” 

— Manu Vollens, a Bundl Co-Driver

So what is the Co-Entrepreneur Model, and how does it work? It’s based on four pillars:

Sales, efficiency, client satisfaction and performing at a group level.

When it comes to sales, the revenue percentage that you receive is related to the initial proposal to the client. Efficiency is rewarded in most circumstances, but in this model, the more efficient you are benefits the venture, the entire office and yourself. At the end of your projects, client satisfaction is measured to ascertain not only your creative and innovative skills, but how you interact with the client as a whole; the more satisfied they are, the more you’ll benefit.

Finally, we don’t look at you as an individual — we don’t stimulate einzelgängers. Bundl is a complementary team and that’s how our people benefit too. This has a lot to do with Bundl’s employee standards and how well you fit into the team.

Besides just general work, there are other commitments that must be met, but it’s only because we want you to be fully integrated into Bundl. We like to think that we’re a team with a lot of specialized skills, rather than talented folks who just happen to work in the same office.


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