How My Job at Bundl Changed My Perspective on Work

Today’s post is from Wouter De Mol, Office Manager & Master Chef.

Recently, the Bundl team has taken on a new internal project — something very different from any previous venture we’ve worked on before: blogging.

First, a little background on how my adventure at Bundl started. After some great achievements as an exquisite sandwich composer, I wanted to go for something else. I still love the restaurant industry and the skills it gave me, but I was up for a new challenge.

So I went searching through nearly 30 company profiles until I finally found one that stuck out to me: Bundl. An innovation agency with an office based in the centre of Antwerp, looking for a part time Office Manager. Turns out that what I do doesn’t fit just into ‘Office Manager’ — I also help on parts of the projects, make sure the team is fed a good meal every day (they’re especially happy when it’s chicken burger day), take part in some HR processes, and am the designated head of office culture. It does help that I’m from Antwerp and know the city like the back of my hand.

But it wasn’t until after I started here that I realised where this position could take me. You see, our clients and the projects we work on are just one part of what makes this company so interesting to work for.

“It’s the combination of doing what we love and a team that honestly feels like family that makes me excited to walk through the doors and come to work each day.”

Every recruiter can give you their reasons or write a smart, funny job ad showing what makes their office unique, or how it can change your life. So, rather hear it from me, someone who’s experienced it, and has a vested interest in making sure that anyone who joins our team is happy.

Start from your skills and grow into your interests

I have a lot of different skills from my time in the restaurant industry that easily translated into the role, but had only a crash course in office management with no experience in innovation or product design. Bundl saw that I fit and was willing to go the extra mile. On the other hand, we’ve had people start in one position, but their roles have actually adapted to what they can bring to the table and what interests them most, rather than each person fitting into one defined mold.

Meeting the heroes

So, yes, the projects are a huge part of working at Bundl. Though I’m not always directly involved in the product being developed, I do have regular contact with our clients, prospects, future and past employees…and the list goes on. Some of these clients have been brands that I’ve known about for years, and it’s pretty cool to be the liaison between the company’s ‘big guys’ and Bundl.

Work hard, play hard

Besides work, we’re also serious about making sure the Bundl family stays happy. We eat lunch together every day — sometimes lunch discussions are serious, other times they’re hilarious. On our funky*fridays, we enjoy a nicermeal which usually includes a round of beers after working hours. Once a month we make it a point to get together outside of the office — last week the team went to an airsoft arena for a night full of a different type of strategy. We’ve participated in a half-marathon in Amsterdam, a team trip to the Efteling amusement park, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and random dinners after work with whoever is around. We must look like a fun group — people have actually come up to us when we’re out and can’t believe that we’re colleagues.

Now, don’t put on your coat and head to our office with your CV in hand like I did. Not just because of the weather (it’s winter and it’s raining), but it’s also not the way we recruit these days.

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Mariana Abreu

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