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Meet the Superhero Founders Behind Bundl

Welcome to the Bundl blog. We’ll be introducing you to our team so you can get a real feel of what, and who, Bundl has to offer. We’re proud of our team — and we’re pleased to meet you.

Who are they?

The three driving forces behind Bundl’s own engine — Pieter Van de VeldeThomas Van Halewyck, and Nicolas Cap. Started from the bottom now they’re here.

The Bundl Boys

The Bundl boys for ELLE België Magazine

What’s your main focus in the office?

Pieter: Besides the general and strategic management we do with the partners, my main focus is on anything that has to do with the external part of Bundl. It ranges from the experience, including branding and marketing, to the inflow of new opportunities and projects in sales and new business development. This is also paralleled with closing the venture deals, like Horizon, and the establishment of other activities.

Thomas: My responsibilities have shifted a lot over the years, but for the moment my focuses are Bundl’s next moves/strategy, our people (HR), internal R&D, and looking internationally.

Nicolas: My main focus is taking care of all of the projects we work on. I create and maintain the Bundl intellectual property that reinforces our projects (Bundl R&D), while also acting as both the support team and coach to guide our project leads toward success. Near the end of the process, my attention turns towards ensuring the quality of the deliverables within our office, while also identifying the wins and synergies across all of our different activities.

Power Ranger Skill?

Pieter: I’d say my skill is the fact that I’m a resilient all-rounder. My focuses have changed so much over the years, but I still need to maintain the skills from every role I’ve had. It’s a really broad range and a big challenge.

Thomas: Strategy and people have always been my passion and ‘Super Powers’ during the growth of our company. The next level for my personal development will be even more focused on people management and leadership.

Nicolas: Working with our team to connect and combine several different ideas and turn them into ‘winning’ concepts.

Time for a history lesson — give us Bundl’s story.

Thomas: Bundl started in 2008 when Pieter and I finished our studies, and Nicolas joined soon thereafter.

“We started in the realm of product design, but have now turned into an international agency specializing in corporate venturing.”

Pieter: As the world has changed, so has Bundl. This means evolving the core business and becoming both more digital and strategic while maintaining the skills that make our team different. We’ve also had to grow our team as we’ve expanded and landed projects across the globe.

What we’ve really become now is an agency that builds start-ups/companies, together with large corporations. We’ve had the opportunity to work with brands like Nike, BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC, Niko, and Electrabel, among others. It’s a great experience to work with a major new brand or partner like Nike. These are the brands that we all looked up to, and now we get to know their story and all the people who really make the company.

On the other side, we’ve been involved in the founding and guiding roles of successful start-ups, like Ticto (digital security badges), Yondr (Belgian pioneers in VR), and Horizon (a platform for people to realize their dreams). When you get involved in a joint-venture like Horizon, working on such a personal project gives you a rush through the whole process — that’s why we do what we do.

We also have some really interesting developments lined up in the near future — Bundl is on fire!

Quick fire round — favorite Bundl lunch (courtesy of Office Master Chef Wouter)?

Pieter & Thomas: Bundl Burgerz!

Nicolas: Chicken burgerzzz! But I have to admit that they’re followed by an operational dip one hour later. Sorry!

What is your greatest achievement to date?

Pieter: Starting a company that translates my own personality and that of the employees and partners in a brand, creating entrepreneurial and personal freedom, all in an organic way.

Nicolas: Early on, I decided that my career should be in something that I was really passionate about. My job had to feel like a hobby. As a partner at Bundl, I’ve definitely accomplished that goal.

We’re working on highly challenging innovation topics that we like, we do it with the coolest team ever, and we can decide for ourselves which direction we would like to grow in the future. Check!

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