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The Future of Football Talent Development in One Week

Bundl and double pass recently met for a weeklong challenge to rethink the world of football talent development. Our aim for the week? Tackle new markets together with a talented team, consisting of double pass intrapreneurs, Bundl entrepreneurs and the CEO of double pass.

The Challenge

Double pass is a football talent development firm for leagues, clubs and academy managers. Over the last 15 years, they’ve worked with and assessed over 500 clubs, including teams within Voetbal Vlaanderen, the Premier LeagueBundesligaDeutscher Fussball-Bund, and U.S. Soccer, to name a few.

Football Clubs Leagues

Triggered by digital transformation opportunities as well as new technologies entering their market, double pass’s challenge for our combined team was to rethink the future of talent development in football, with a goal of coming out with 2 developed concepts.

For one intense week, we focused on just that. But, as in football, the prep work and upfront research played a huge role (as will the post-sprint user validation). To make sure our creative muscles had the right grounds to train in, we ventured outside of the walls of both double pass and Bundl, using the workspaces of De Serre and The Locker Room for the first three days.

“Rethinking the business of double pass together with Bundl was a very exhausting process, but worthwhile because it turned into a very educational experience journey. The well-guided Bundl process of free writing, free speaking and drawing mind maps helped to awaken a lot of creative brain activity and achieve our objectives: two new concepts.” 
Hugo Schoukens, double pass CEO & Founder

The Process

For this week, we used our Value Proposition Sprint methodology. We’re going to take you through each day, giving you an inside look into what happens during this kind of sprint process, including the steps we took or exercises used each day to get the shared results. At the bottom of this post, you’ll find a ‘standard’ week schedule.

Day 1: Ideate


De Serre

Culture within these sprint weeks is very important, so space and food are highly valued by us as an ingredient for success. Luckily, the weather was great and we were able to have nice, relaxed moments eating lunch in the courtyard.


Ideation & Concept Card Development


  • Fuel the double pass team with the upfront research
  • Customer journey & persona analogy brainstorming
  • Break into small teams & idea shopping
  • Concept card development


9 concept cards and first high-level concepts

Double Pass day 3

Day 2: Converge


The Locker Room

This day saw us in a different, but great, location with sunny breaks, catered with just the right fuel for the day. The space in The Locker Room is bigger — much more accommodating for extra people coming in and out during the day.


Expert Board


  • Pitch 9 concept cards to the Expert Board for further discussion and exploration
  • Double pass management & Bundl expert fly-ins
  • First elimination and/or merging of concepts
  • Definition of three concept themes to work on based on the drivers of the week


  • In-depth exploration of 3 concept themes
  • This includes looking into product features, target group definition, value propositions, resources needed & revenue stream indication


3 concept themes

Double pass day 3

Day 3: Validate


De Serre

Based on what we learned and took from day 2, the team went back to De Serre to prepare the concept boards for the first round of pitches.


Concept Board crafting


  • Translate concept theme exploration into clear concept boards
  • Drafting of product features, target group definition, value proposition, resources needed & revenue stream indication
  • First draft wireframes

Expert Board Pitch:

  • Pitch 3 concept boards
  • Double pass Management & Bundl expert fly-in
  • Further discussion, elaboration & elimination
  • Definition of emphasis for each concept board


2 elaborated concept boards & high-level wireframes

Double Pass Day 4

Day 4: Create


Bundl Office

This part of the week’s structure is done internally at Bundl, using our management team and skilled experts to create mockups quickly and precisely.


Concept Mockups


  • User flow design
  • Wireframe design
  • Brand design
  • Interface mockup

Pitch Construction:

  • Value proposition refinement
  • Elevator pitch build up
  • Link to initial drivers of the sprint


2 interface mockups & elevator pitches

Double Pass Day 5

Day 5: Present


Double pass office


Pitch Day


  • Presentation of 2 concepts
  • Double pass management feedback
  • Customer validation set up


2 elevator pitches & final mockups, ready for further customer validation.

Since this project is still ongoing, we can’t yet show the outcome completely. Stay tuned!

Next Steps

With the feedback from Pitch Day, Bundl and double pass can prepare and begin the customer validation in a few weeks. In this part of the process, double pass will provide us with real users, and our job is to find out if these concepts actually provide a solution for the opportunities we found (and concepts developed based on them). This step is crucial for any concept pivots we need to make or even possible elimination.

Being an office full of sports fans, we were really excited to take on this particular challenge with double pass. The bigger football fans among us even tried to call a spot on the Bundl team for this project (it worked).

As you can see in the schedule below, our sprint didn’t exactly follow the Disruption Derby we usually plan for. We make sure to match each team with exercises suited to their skills. Luckily, we’re also a top-tier team of creatives and adapt pretty easily to these situations. And we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.

Double Pass Sprint Planning

It’s important to note that our Value Proposition Sprint isn’t just a type of hackathon; it’s part of a larger corporate venture development process. The whole process includes the Value Proposition Sprint, the Alpha Launch and the Startup Launch — the real deal, complete with an MVP.

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