Corporate Startups 7 min

Tellow - a bookkeeping app for freelancers - built by Rabobank in less than 1 year

What's in a Corporate Startup? with Jochem Baars

Jochem Baars was Strategy & Innovation Manager at Rabobank when he participated in the bank's first Moonshot campaign. There, Tellow was born. A fully fledged digital bookkeeping solution to self-employed entrepreneurs, Tellow became a successful corporate startup.

Tellow notifies users when an invoice has been paid and automatically processes scanned receipts. The tool overviews the user’s current balance, expected VAT and outstanding amounts, avoiding financial surprises and keeping the user up to date. Freelancers save time and can be more involved in their businesses.


Jochem has now moved onto new projects. But in this episode of What's in a Corporate Startup, he takes us through the first steps of Tellow, from idea to MVP to the startup's growth path.

How was the team setup? Which bank assets were most useful? What were the milestones? How did his role change throughout the process? What would have he done differently?


Watch the video interview to find out!


Mariana Abreu

Innovation Journalist & Creative Content Creator