Group Product Manager Fittings

Wittlich, Germany or Zaventem, Belgium

As part of our strong partnership with Ideal Standard, Bundl is leading the recruitment of the Product Manager Fittings position.

Shape the future of modern living.

Ideal Standard Group is a leading European manufacturer of innovative products and solutions for both public and private bathrooms. For over 100 years, they teamed up with architects, designers, and research partners to shape the future of modern living and make life better for our customers.

We’re currently looking for a new Product Manager to help further our Global Fittings Business Unit’s growth strategy. Specific goals within this new position include expanding our product portfolio, attracting new target segments,  boosting profitability and applying new activation concepts.
The position is based in our Wittlich office in Germany, but we welcome Belgium based candidates who are willing to make the commute once a week.


Launch with impact.

• Work with local subsidiaries to facilitate and accelerate new product launches.

• Come up with exciting and innovative marketing plans to help set their category apart from the rest.

Work with external partners, agencies and suppliers. 

• Write detailed briefings to align with design, R&D and marketing agencies (e.g. for launch/communication concepts).



Bridge between subsidiaries and product development.

• Work with local subsidiaries to facilitate and accelerate new product launches.

• Setup ideation sessions and discussions that lead to innovative, improved and differentiated products and services.

Facilitate cross-departmental collaboration and decision making (e.g. R&D, procurement, marketing, branding, communication, quality control).



Manage performance and profitability.

• Benchmark your products against competitors, manage costs and come up with innovative ways to improve product value.

• Analyze and interpret data points on sell-in and sell-through to optimize effectiveness of the category of products you manage. 


Gather and translate customer insights.

• Use desk research, market research and co-creation sessions with customers to create new business, new features and new value.

• Work with local subsidiaries to facilitate and accelerate new product launches.

What Ideal Standard offers.

work environment by tulpahn from the Noun Project
A professional and stimulating working environment.
An extensive network of (inter)national contacts.
Various opportunities to broaden your expertise and develop your career.
A compensation package based on your expertise and experience.

Skills & Experience.


Next Steps.


Submit your application form

Apply through the form. Our recruitment team will review your application within the next 3-5 working days. Please expect to hear back from us by email within 7-10 working days.


Complete and submit your challenge

If your application is accepted, you will get a chance to work on an innovation case, based on a briefing document with guidance on expected deliverables and submit your work to the hiring team.


Prepare for interview

You will have a 45-minute interview with Bundl's Recruitment Lead (conference call).


Present your vision & strategy

The final shortlisted candidates will be asked to present their vision to Ideal Standard's hiring team during one to two final interviews.

Are you the Product Manager we are looking for?