Venture Acceleration Lead

Mechelen, Belgium

As part of our strong partnership with Telenet, Bundl is leading the recruitment of the Venture Acceleration Lead position.

Build the Telenet of tomorrow.

Telenet’s corporate development tribe is activating new and adjacent revenue growth options by incubating and scaling ventures, which are underpinned by partnerships. Within this tribe, there are various ventures– The Park, Safespot, Tadaam, among others. Telenet has invested in a Centre of Excellence that has a clear ambition to define their corporate development strategy. 

For the upcoming three years, they aim to accelerate company growth through venture development, minority/majority investments, and acquisitions. We are recruiting a Venture Acceleration Lead as a critical role in this team.

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Design the method.

Map the current way of working and act as the architect of a continuously improving methodology that’s related to the art of building and growing ventures.

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Scan venture opportunities.

Drive new venture exploration and set up based on trends, technology, and business models, allowing senior leadership to decide on new investments in potential new growth areas.

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Coach a rockstar team.

Coach a team of true Venture Accelerators in a hands-on way.

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Be the driving force in new venture development.​

To install and execute the replicable process of building startups in a complex corporate environment. We are looking for an individual with a genuine “builder attitude” and the expertise to think long term. Someone who is able to:

– Identify and assess opportunities to develop new ventures, products, services, and other initiatives with strategic or financial significance for the business.

– Take the lead in ideation and design sprints resulting in concrete new value propositions to test.

– Sketch out or wireframe customer journeys in visual scenarios and translate these into validation experiments to run.

– Set up and run validation experiments/smoke tests to get insights into all relevant assumptions.

– Consolidate all learnings into a solid business case and present them in an impactful pitch to senior leadership team members.


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Support new and existing ventures towards success.​

After launch (as spin-in or spin-out), all ventures will have a dedicated venture lead and squad. The role of the Venture Acceleration Lead will be to:

– Support these venture squads with processes, tools, and resources to accelerate their impact and growth.

– Train and upskill all individuals and leaders of venture squads in innovation and growth techniques.

– Provide support to scale processes, tools, and resources across the entire organization to support the agile transformation across business units and divisions.



  • 5+ years of relevant work experience running and leading innovation tracks for larger corporates (agency side or corporate side).

  • Leadership role in an agency or consulting company specialized in service design, strategy design, interaction design, or innovation.

  • Strong ability to lead cross-functional teams and manage senior-level stakeholders.

  • Detailed-oriented, organized, dependable, and strong in operations, events, and project management.

  • Experience in using venture building methodologies i.e. design thinking, agile, lean.

  • Highly adaptable, quick-learner, self-starter with a structured mindset in approaching problem-solving and meeting deadlines.

  • Experience as a startup founder or entrepreneur focused on scaling.

  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills with the ability to use data and metrics to back up assumptions and recommendations and ultimately drive action.

  • Experience in designing and running corporate incubator programs.
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Next steps.


Submit your application form

Apply through the form. Our recruitment team will review your application within the next 3-5 working days. Please expect to hear back from us by email within 7-10 working days.


Complete and submit your challenge

If your application is accepted, you will get a chance to work on an innovation case, based on a briefing document with guidance on expected deliverables and submit your work to the hiring team.


Prepare for interview

You will have a 45-minute interview with Bundl's Recruitment Lead (conference call or face-to-face meeting if possible).


Present your vision & strategy

The final shortlisted candidates will be asked to present their vision on Telenet's venture division to Telenet's hiring team during one to two final interviews.

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