Nestlé is shaking the frozen food industry, and we can’t wait for more

Take a walk on the Wildscape — Corporate Startup Story of the Week

You’d expect to find Korean chili cauliflower with Brussels sprouts and peri-peri portobello mushrooms with chickpeas on a restaurant menu, but not on a freezer shelf in the local supermarket. Corporate startup Wildscape wants to change your mind about that.

Three years ago, Nestlé invested $50 million to open Foundry Foods Inc., a corporate innovation hub for frozen foods located in Ohio, USA. That’s where a small team built and launched Wildscape in just about 9 months.

Emily Hoffman, co-founder and marketing manager of the brand, says that Foundry Foods Inc. allows entrepreneurs to create and experiment with new and unique food products. At its core, Wildscape is about celebrating nature at its full glory, so the opportunities to tap into it are endless.

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“One of the biggest challenges in creating Wildscape was knowing when to trust what we already knew about frozen meals and when to question it.”
​Emily Hoffman, Marketing Manager at Nestlé, Co-Founder at Wildscape
Bundl Nestle Wildscape
The corporate startup wants to challenge the unwritten rules that pretty much all meals play by. By elevating the expectations people have about frozen food, they seek to change the negative connotation it is usually related to. Frozen food doesn’t equal "comfort food" and can be a part of a healthy, balanced, and flavorful diet.
“What we try to do there is to reproduce what startup companies would do but benefitting from the scale and the strength of Nestlé.”
Laurent Freixe, CEO Zone Americas at Nestlé

Wildscape is a success story of corporate innovation. It delivered something that is fresh and innovative. Additional recipes are under development, but for now the team is focused on distributing and marketing the initial set of products. The products are available at select retailers all over the USA.


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