Meet Jeroen van den Boom – Our New Head of Ventures

In case you’re not clear yet on what a corporate venture builder actually does, let’s start things off with a quick intro.

In a nutshell, they specialize in getting new businesses off the ground from A to Z. That means coming up with disruptive new ideas, building teams, leveraging corporate assets and making the strategic and operational decisions that shape the businesses they create. 

But what differentiates a venture builder from a “Head of Ventures”? 

Like most things, the best way to illustrate the point is by example, so without further ado, meet Jeroen van den Boom, our Head of Ventures here at Bundl. 


From Venture Builder to Head of Ventures.

Jeroen joined Bundl as a Senior Venture Builder in 2016, helping corporations accelerate growth, create new value propositions, scale startups and innovate from the inside out.

Like most venture builders, he’s an expert at using analytical thinking, creativity, and design sprints to get stellar results in record time. 

But what really makes him great are all the extras, like the ability to identify and capitalize on crucial business opportunities, overcome challenges and act quickly in situations where others might take a more passive stance. 

In October 2019, he took over as Head of Ventures, sharing his time between our Antwerp and Amsterdam offices and we couldn’t be more excited to have his unique brand of entrepreneurship and business savvy infusing the position with new energy and talent. 


What does a “Head of Ventures” do?

Being Head of Ventures here at Bundl involves a combination of entrepreneurial verve, strategic expertise and the ability to see “the bigger picture” all while taking several simultaneously running projects from inception to scale successfully. 

The position entails acting as a coach for the venture building team and providing advice on how best to manage things like corporate startups, business units, spinout ventures, incubation and acceleration programs. This new role enables Jeroen to be involved in all projects, rather than being a leader in any one of them.

A proven track record.

As you can see, the Head of Ventures plays a fundamental role in the success of a firm like ours. So what kind of a track record do you need to take on the position?

Well, in Jeroen’s case, variety is a key ingredient. His career is peppered with different experiences attained while working with corporations like Heineken, KLM, Philips, KPN, G-Star, Tommy Hilfiger, Hema, BNP, and Telenet just to name a few! 


He’s also been involved in quite a few of his own startups, most recently Tan Lines Optics, a passion project that has enabled him to spend more time involved in an activity he loves – by creating performance sunglasses at an affordable price and giving Oakley a serious run for its money.

Final thoughts

Since becoming our Head of Ventures, Jeroen has been able to leverage his knowledge and experience to successfully guide our team through some of their everyday tasks, including:

  • Coming up with awesome new value propositions
  • Creating new corporate innovation strategies
  • Enhancing our marketing & sales operations
  • Scaling new ventures
  • Running some killer design sprints

Additionally, being involved in his own independent startup projects has helped him become a better advisor, decision-maker and all-around problem solver.

He’s a prime example of how our Venture Builder team is built, and we can’t wait to see where his leadership will take us in 2020.  


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    Ritza Suazo

    Ritza Suazo

    Innovation Journalist