Digital Transformation through Data Monetization: Telefonica Smart Steps — Intrapreneur Stories #12

Featuring Hugo Pinto, Managing director at Accenture Digital London

What happens when a portuguese guy, a spanish guy and a canadian guy get together to talk about digital transformation? 

No, it’s not the beginning of a joke.

It’s the start of a corporate venture that is set to improving business operation through real-time data insights.

While working at Telefonica Digital, Hugo grew fascinated about the data monetisation business. He then realised that the patterns of movements and density of people have tremendous impact in terms of transportation, and that Telefonica is in pole position to take action by leveraging their existing assets.

Telefonica Smart Steps is a range of solutions to extract and use key insights to empower data-driven decisions for business. The corporate venture won Wired’s Best New Corporate Venture Award in 2013, for the most disruptive product created in a large corporate organisation.

Episode 12 wraps up this year’s Intrapreneur Stories. But we’re not done with interviewing entrepreneurial minds yet! We’ll be back in 2019 with a fresh set of content to inspire you to create your next venture.

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In the Interview:

  • The venture trigger — 02:05
  • Hurdles, steps & milestones — 06:52
  • Room 1: finding a problem — 11:33
  • The MVP — 13:47
    Room 2: shaping the product — 14:35
  • Smart Steps: does it work, and is it valuable — 19:44
  • What would I do differently & main takeaways — 21:51
  • The main advantages of intrapreneurship — 23:51
  • Practical tips to becoming an intrapreneur — 26:31

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