Can Social Intrapreneurship Add Value to your Business? — Intrapreneur Stories #7

Featuring Gib Bulloch, author of 'The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent'.

Gib Bulloch – author of ‘The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent’ – had a traditionally “successful” job in a big corporation, but still felt a sense of unfulfillment. When he discovered the need for his business skills within NGOs, in less developed countries, Gib decided to bridge that gap.

Taking full advantage of his position at Accenture, he developed the award-winning Accenture Development Partnerships, a corporate social enterprise that provided Accenture’s resources and people to organizations in less developed countries, in a non-profit basis.

In this interview, Gib Bulloch tells us about his journey of self-discovery, and how he provided purpose to so many of his colleagues by allowing them to embark on this social intrapreneurship journey with him, and how he managed to get Accenture on-board with him, and manage resources and expectations while running a non-profit within a very business-driven organisation.

“But what if we, as individuals, had the power to change the world of business? We are in the age of the intrapreneur: where mavericks and rebels bring their entrepreneurial prowess to big business, to change it from the inside out and bottom up.”
From ‘The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent’

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In the Interview:

  • Quote from “The Intrapreneur” — 00:36
  • Introducing Gib Bulloch — 01:00
  • The start of the journey & finding purpose in life — 01:53
  • A need for corporate social enterprises in less developed countries — 04:06
  • Making the call to stay in Accenture as an Intrapreneur — 04:50
  • What is Intrapreneurship — 06:07
  • Support and engagement within Accenture — 07:15
  • How to get support from the corporation — 10:16
  • Adapting KPIs to the corporate venture — 12:15
  • The disadvantages of being an entrepreneur within a corporation — 13:42
  • The qualities of an intrapreneur — 15:22
  • Do you have to be insurgent to be an intrapreneur? — 16:28
  • Diversity in business & encouraging creative thinking within companies — 18:53
  • When do you ask for money, and how much you’ll need — 21:20
  • Would you do it again? — 23:25

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