A business model for sustainability in the beer industry — Intrapreneur Stories #8

Featuring Jason Stamm, intrapreneur at AB InBev

Jason Stamm joined AB InBev knowing that he would be embarking on a journey of disruptive intrapreneurship. He ended up advocating for sustainable innovation in the beer industry, giving the spent grains a new nutritious and delicious life in the form of Canvas fiber + protein shakes.


Backed by AB InBev’s ZX Ventures, this corporate venture is fighting one of the biggest forms of waste in the traditional brewing industry.

Jason takes us through his journey of discovery, investigation and stubbornness for creating a pioneering business model based on the lean startup methodology.

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In the Interview:

  • Who’s Jason Stamm — 0:48
  • The first challenge within AbInBev — 2:24
  • From an idea to a full-fledged project — 03:46
  • Project Milestones — 05:11
  • Dealing with pre-conceptions during the Customer validation process — 06:26
  • Finding a market fit — 07:35
  • Funding & pitching process — 09:15
  • Stakeholder management & finding the balance between standard and disruptive processes within a company — 10:33
  • Getting the rest of the company on board with the project — 11:44
  • The power of corporate venturing for team-building and job gratification — 13:14
  • The uniqueness of the intrapreneur — 14:29
  • Intrapreneur VS Entrepreneur — 16:15

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    Afonso Rebelo de Sousa

    Afonso Rebelo de Sousa

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