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Advanced cybersecurity for external threats at home and on the go.

Safespot is a unique and innovative new software built to protect user devices from viruses, phishing emails, and malware.

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A smart network security solution for a smart home generation.

Smart home technology has come a long way in the last few years, making it easier for people to plug any device imaginable to their WiFi network. It’s a growing trend that isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and it’s not surprising! 

Smart homes offer a wide array of nifty conveniences that are hard to resist, they’re energy-efficient, convenient and enable you to monitor any room in the house at any time from anywhere. The downside is, that the smarter your home, the more vulnerable it becomes to hackers, phishing emails, and malware. 

Enter Safespot, a unique all-in-one digital security solution that attaches to your modem and protects all your IoT devices from dangerous external threats. This innovative new software works by scanning your connection and blocking any unwelcome activity at lighting speed. 

Safespot is just the first, in a wave of Telenet initiatives involving smart home technology.  

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Changing the way we think about digital security, one home at a time...

The process behind the creation of Safespot, from concept to cutting-edge cybersecurity solution.


The idea for Safespot was born from exploration research aimed at identifying new market segments and customer pain points. It other words, it’s a product of popular demand.

Customer validation techniques were used to fine-tune Safespot’s features, branding, pricing, and positioning. Within three months, the team had a fully developed business case with price sensitivity checks and a value proposition road-map.

  • Exploration of future smart home trends
  • User smoke testing on value proposition and pricing
  • Feasibility check
  • Branding mock-up
  • Business case
  • Pitch deck building


The first step entailed creating a team to build the actual product. The second step involved establishing partnerships with external vendors who had the technological expertise to accelerate our go-to-market. As a final step, we did a bit of fine-tuning on the MVP using validation and MVP development sprints.

With the support of Telenet’s IT, engineering, and legal departments, Safespot was ready to launch within 3 months.        

  • Validation sprints
  • Positioning
  • Development of MVP marketing strategy
  • Telenet IT and engineering integration
  • Leveraged Telenet’s legal expertise
  • Updated business case


Preparing for the launch meant creating a complete, check-out process for clients, having a support squad ready to answer client questions and requests, and organizing a variety of press releases to create buzz around the new product.

After 12 months and 11 days of intensive ideation, customer validation, partnership closing, and building an alpha product, Safespot was finally ready to be unveiled. The official launch took place on the 9th of December, 2019, after some last-minute legal approvals and technical product adjustments.

  • Brand identity
  • Website and app development
  • Social media strategy 
  • Launch marketing campaign
  • Press releases


With the launch out of the way, the next challenge for Safespot is to move from its incubator phase into an acceleration phase with the goal of scaling up to meet increased client demand. 

Our vision for the future of Safespot includes adding additional features to make it even more effective in protecting the home, tackling new challenges as they evolve. We’re also looking to broaden our market interdependencies with other vendors so that we can offer clients a broader set of features and services.

  • App upgrades 
  • Convert sales
  • Scaling
  • Continued product evolution
  • Bundl in a mentoring role for corporate ventures

Meet the startup team.

What started as a Telenet + Bundl mix evolved into an independent, full-time dedicated team with a Telenet board.

Dann Rogge

Business & Vision Lead

Steven van de Hallen

Operations Lead

Inge van Campenhout

Marketing Lead

Latest updates.

JUNE 2020

First 10k customers.

December 2019

The official launch date of Safespot.