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Try out one of our canvases!

Break down and re-examine your ideas with one of our easy-to-use canvases. You can download or use them online together with your team!

Shopper of Tomorrow Canvas

Learn about the four main shopper attitudes, and use these personas to identify new opportunities for your company.

The Lean Canvas

A 1-page business canvas designed to help you deconstruct your new idea and transform it into key assumptions.

Concept Card Canvas

Map out your concept in a simple format and define the three key features that make it unbeatable.

New Venture Canvas

Define the key building blocks of your new venture. This will help you make your concept clear and tangible for the team.

Validation Sprint Planner Canvas

This Validation Sprint Planner is the perfect way to kickstart and plan out your own 5-day validation sprint.

Customer Journey Canvas

Get a sense of your customers' motivations - their needs and pain points, by mapping out a customer journey.