25 startups pioneering
the future of retail in 2020

25 startups that are revolutionizing the retail landscape

What is it for?

Each of these 25 startups is meant to challenge and inspire you on different ways to future-proof your business. We’ve packed each startup case with practical data points to help get you up to speed in no time.


  • Get an overview of 25 disruptive retail startups 
  • Learn about the different trends we’ve observed in the market
  • Get actionable startup insights you can take away to apply in your innovation track
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Key Learnings:


Ownership is out!

Changes in the economy and a shift towards selling “solutions” rather than tangible products means that ownership is becoming old-fashioned


More circular models

Circular business models are gaining popularity because they’re sustainable (e.g. reusing waste and regenerating natural systems).



The popularity of subscriptions is on the rise. Each program designed to turn a one-time transaction into an engaged and long-term relationship.


Phygital experiences

Technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality is becoming a popular way to explore new products.


Cash to credits

Conventional money will not remain the only means of payment. Currency in the form of personal data, reviews, and ratings is on the rise.


Display everywhere

Technology will enable us to capture the products we encounter in daily life and instantly find the platform where they’re sold – Shazam style.


Peer to peer (P2P)

Businesses are letting customers use their platforms to set up their own micro-stores. This allows customers to engage with each other and reduces risk.


Static to dynamic

The retail store of the future steps away from fixed products, and continuously tries to adapt its offer to keep customers engaged and interested.


Customization is key

We are increasingly evolving towards a “Made to order” model, in which the end consumer determines the timing, number, and specifications.

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