Shopper of Tomorrow Canvas

Discover your shopper of the future, validated by 50+ industry leaders.

Available for online collaboration with your team

What is it for?

Examine the different customer attitudes we’ve listed for you and use them to map out the business challenges and opportunities linked to each. The idea is to use those insights to strengthen your retail strategy.

This exercise can help you:

  • Analyze the initiatives of companies outside your industry (i.e. herobrands), so you can learn from them
  • List the current challenges and opportunities in your company
  • Find inspiration for your own initiatives through your research
Shopper of Tomorrow Image 1

Step by step.



Start off by reading the shopper profiles in the center of the template.



Research some of the interesting strategies and initiatives from within your industry and expand to “hero” cases outside of your industry.



List the current challenges and opportunities in your business.



Analyze your findings together with your team.

Download your Canvas.

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