The Home of The Future.

Learn about the 7 different smart home categories and the companies that provide those products and services.

What is it for?

Master the smart home industry by learning about its 7 different categories and the companies within them.


  • These 7 categories will help you more easily navigate the industry.
  • Find out which areas in the industry are becoming a home for innovation.
  • Discover which companies provide the products and services that make up the smart home industry. 
  • Find out how Smart Home technology is being used to create the home of the future.
home of the future infographic

Key learnings


Corporate venturing

This is a great space for corporate venturing because companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon have created easy access through their Smart Home platforms.


Ideal for startups

Smaller startups have been successful in this industry by coming up with innovative new and niche offerings.


Industry gaps

Although there are many innovative offerings in the Smart Home industry, there are still many areas of opportunity.

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