The Park Playground - An unforgettable VR adventure

A venture by Telenet & 9.5 ventures.

What is it for?

Get a detailed picture of how The Park Playground was built. Everything you want to know, from designing the concept to the first launch, is here in our case study.

Reading this business case will help you:

  • Understand how companies like Telenet remain at the front of innovation
  • Learn about how ventures like The Park are built, from start to finish
  • Gain insights and inspiration you can use in your own innovation projects
  • Find out more about how Bundl’s venture building services work 
The Park Case Study

Key Learnings:


The Design Phase

Find out how we used ideation, validation, and a strong business case to convince the Telenet management team to move forward with pre-seed funding.


The Building Phase

We’ll tell you how we hacked the MVP phase by visiting early-stage startups and gathering insights about hardware, technology, and setting up a venue setup.


The Launch Phase

Learn about what it takes to create an unforgettable gaming experience, develop the supporting software, find the right team and build a strong brand identity.


The Grow Phase

Get an insider’s view on how The Park Playground continued to develop its brand experience and prepared to scale.

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The park case study