Build and validate your minimum viable product (MVP).

Fine-tune, prototype, and test the first version of your venture.

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The challenge.

Having no market need is one of the main reasons why startups fail. Before spending any resources on development, create an MVP (minimum viable product): a prototype of your value proposition, created to be quickly validated with real potential customers.

We’ll help you through questions like:

  • How do I translate my product idea into an MVP?
  • What will my MVP look like?
  • How do I get the best data from my user validation experiments

Hack your way into validated data in record time.

Get a glimpse into your venture’s future, with a fraction of the risk and the agility to pivot and improve.

bundl build your mvp beat

We built a commercial MVP page for this unique cycling club.

Our offer:

Prototype development.

Develop a first prototype to gather user insights whether it’s a commercial webpage, a mobile app, or a physical product.

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Quickly generate a temporary brand image to validate your corporate startup. Go incognito to protect the mothership.

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UI/UX design

Build a user-friendly landing page or mobile app to track customer purchase intent.

Growth hacking.

Use digital marketing techniques to find your target audience and scale your hunt for real customer proof.

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User validation.

Find the pain points and key benefits of your proposition with a validation mix of online and offline tools, network, and knowledge.

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Business modelling.

Use validated results to back your business case with real data.

  • “The Bundl Team. Holy shizzz. You machines.”

    Ameet Benegal
    Head of Pulse

The process.

No matter the challenge, we’ve got you covered. We love getting our hands dirty!

step 1

Assumption Mapping.

Outline your assumptions and choose the right validation mix for your business idea.

step 2

MVP Definition Sprint.

Translate your value proposition into a unique selling proposition with: clear features, a brand, smooth user flow, and development framework.

step 3

MVP Development & Growth Hacking Sprint.

Rapidly build your MVP while working on the marketing strategy to bring your lean startup to the market.

step 4

MVP Launch.

Launch and run your MVP. Use the right growth hacking mix to reach your KPIs, test and iterate your value proposition along the way.

sstep 5

Value Proposition and Business Case Validation.

Analyze the MVP results to validate or pivot your value proposition and business case.

step 6

Seed Pitch

Collect all work in a clear and engaging investment pitch. Get seed funding from the corporate leadership team to build your bèta product.

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