Set up and run your new business.

Select the entity form, install operational structure, build your cost structure, and hire a leadership team.

Build a scalable foundation with agility and speed.

Corporate ecosystem entity.

Decide on the right entity for your venture to leverage your corporate ecosystem and sustain the startup speed.

Long-term leadership team.

We’re able to take leadership positions alongside you and recruit the eventual leadership to ensure a smooth transition.

Follow-up funding.

Build a financial structure that reviews your business case to demonstrate positive unit economics and achieve follow-up funding.

Achieve a business with positive unit economics:

Cover your bases with a startup approach to legal, HR, operations, and finance.

Hire leadership team.

Together, we create an overall talent structure that aligns with your company’s long-term vision. A leadership team is hired once positive unit economics are validated, preparing a smooth handover.

Operational tool set.

The set up of all operational tools needed for agile communication, file storage, remote working, financial flows, team management, and project tracking.

Legal entity.

Select the right entity form within your corporate ecosystem as a business unit or separate legal entity. IP is safeguarded and compliance ensured.

Business case.

Leverage your MVP insights to review your business case. We continuously iterate it based on new customer insights, with a clear focus to prove LTV/CAC.


Set the outlines for a lean governance framework that enables agility and leverages your corporate ecosystem effectively.

Launch a data-driven venture, built to scale.

Launching a lean business offers you the opportunity to break the inefficiencies of corporate structures.

Temporary leadership.

A stable start with recruitment of a future leadership team.

A validated business case.

Clear insights in LTV and CAC, ready for ‘Go No-Go’ on follow-up funding.

A lean-running business.

All operational tools, legal and governance frameworks in place.

Take the first steps to
run your new business for free.

Launch roadmap covering all operational departments.

Insights to inform critical business strategy decisions.

Identified skill gaps to inform leadership recruitment.

Two full days of our time

no strings attached.

Put us to the test by starting your discovery of investable venture concepts. 

Cost-free, no hidden tricks. Hassle-free, no sales proposal. Effort-free, let us do the work.


Thomas Van Halewyck
Co-founder and managing partner at Bundl

What is your corporate innovation challenge? 

I’m Thomas, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Bundl. Feel free to contact me to help kickstart your new venture.