Validate new venture concepts.

Find validation of new venture concepts with real consumers to improve your offering before investing further in it.

Avoid building products and services no one wants.

Map, focus, and test your key assumptions.

Learn first-hand what your customers like and dislike about your offerings by highlighting and testing assumptions.

Gain objective customer insights.

Get reliable customer feedback to either validate or contradict your riskiest assumptions.

Reduce costs and overall risk.

Avoid unnecessary long-term expenses with lean validation techniques at a fraction of the cost. 

Validate and build a business case 8 weeks:

Perform data-driven validation early and often to gauge real buyer intent for your pilot MVP.

Assumption mapping.

Map out your expectations in search of key unknown assumptions and identify lean and efficient ways to validate them. 

Validation run.

We run various off and online experiments, including functional landing pages to track purchase intent. They’re connected to smart surveys and 1-on-1 interviews to help you decide exactly how to proceed.

Business case update.

Track the viability of your business case by revisiting your previous pricing, buyer intent, and business model insights. 

Seed investment pitch.

Consolidate validation data to update your value proposition, business case, and total seed investment storyline. Maximise the impact of your pitch to the corporate leadership team and unlock the funding to move forward.

Get validation from real customers.

Early validation helps you decide whether to build, pivot, or kill venture concepts.


Objective validation data.

Real customer data to inform your commercial story.

Stress test.

Qualitative and quantitative data to put your business case to the test.

Seed investment pitch

Alignment with your stakeholders on moving forward with your MVP.

Take the first steps to
validate your venture concepts for free.

Prioritised assumption map.

Selection of customer validation tools.

Tailored validation roadmap.

Two full days of our time

no strings attached.

Put us to the test by starting your discovery of investable venture concepts. 

Cost-free, no hidden tricks. Hassle-free, no sales proposal. Effort-free, let us do the work.


Thomas Van Halewyck
Co-founder and managing partner at Bundl

What is your corporate innovation challenge? 

I’m Thomas, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Bundl. Feel free to contact me to help kickstart your new venture.