Building a $2M Revenue Business in Leadership Development — Intrapreneur Stories #9

Featuring Yulia Savitskaya, intrapreneur at Great Place To Work.

Based on the vibrant startup hub of San Francisco, Yulia Savitskaya led a small team of intrapreneurs to create an innovative, “powerpoint-free” leadership development program within Great Place To Work – a global management consultancy with franchises in over 40 countries around the World.


This meant diving deep into the training processes and challenging the way people within the company were used to sharing and absorbing knowledge.

With a very clear vision from the company’s founder, and a lot of flexibility in resources, Yulia’s successful venture ended up becoming a profitable stand alone business that is making a real impact on people’s lives.

In this interview, Yulia shares her passion for the project and explains how that very same drive was a turning point for her success.

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In the Interview:

  • What is Great Place to Work — 01:55
  • The project trigger — 02:40
  • First steps when you’re starting from nothing — 04:02
  • Swimming against the current when trying to change internal processes — 05:12
  • Stakeholder support — 06:21
  • Day job vs. Intrapreneur job — 07:15
  • Budget managing — 08:05
  • Learnings and regrets — 09:31
  • The go-to-market stage— 11:33
  • The validation stage — 12:19
  • The franchise model — 15:13
  • What makes an intrapreneur — 17:34

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