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Create new value for your customer of tomorrow and reach completely different markets with a spin-off corporate startup or by establishing a new business unit. Team up with our seasoned entrepreneurs to develop a pipeline of new ventures while leveraging your corporate assets.

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Our plug-and-play services are engineered to cover every step of the corporate venture journey.

Unlock your full venture growth potential in record time with our proven methodology.

Work in a lean startup format, outside of your corporate governance 

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 Build new businesses in months not years.

We’ve developed a venture portfolio across multiple industries at a launch speed of 6-18 months.

The Future of Entertainment in 1 year

Leading telecom corporation Telenet teamed up with Bundl to create The Park Playground from scratch, an unforgettable free-roaming VR adventure for friends and families.

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The innovative banking idea that transforms dreams into reality.

Traditional banking focuses on saving, spending, or receiving money. Didid turns that world upside down, with the user’s dreams and ambitions at the core of the service.

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Making your home network and devices safer than ever.

Safespot is a unique and innovative new software built to protect user devices from viruses, phishing emails, and malware.


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The latest news, tools, and insights on venture development.

Amazon’s PillPack: A better, simpler, smarter pharmacy.

Amazon’s PillPack: A better, simpler, smarter pharmacy.

PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy is on a mission to the way you get your prescription medication, making your pharmacy experience sa...

Exclusive Interview: Richard Faas, CIO of ARAG & Legal Tech Factory

Exclusive Interview: Richard Faas, CIO of ARAG & Legal Tech Factory

ARAG is teaming up with some of Europe’s most innovative startups to build solutions that can help you assert your legal righ...

How Black entrepreneurs are getting a deserved business boost.

How Black entrepreneurs are getting a deserved business boost.

The Black Lives Matter movement is empowering black entrepreneurship. These efforts offer the same opportunity to anyone who se...

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