50 Corporate venture examples.

These corporate ventures examples are driving innovation by disrupting from the inside out.

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Corporate leaders, innovators and strategists looking for inspiration on how they can break into new markets by leveraging their corporate assets in search of new revenue.


  • Find out how 50 corporate ventures have helped their parent company avoid disruption.
  • Learn why these leading corporations chose to create their own venture.
  • Discover the various forms a corporate venture can take, to suit your needs.
Corporate venture examples

Key insights


Industry agnostic

Venturing as an innovation strategy is open to all industries and company type. From banking to skincare, B2B to B2C, this methodology is completely customisable.


Leveraged assets

Each corporation featured on this list realised the new potential of their existing assets once startup methodology was applied: talent, industry know-how, market data, supplier relationships, etc.


Business models

Experimentation with business models allows corporations to test new ways of reaching customers without any risk to their main brand operations.


Global appeal

The corporate ventures listed here hail from around the world, from emerging markets to technology-leading nations.


Uncertainty remedy

9 corporate ventures were founded off the back of the pandemic, whilst the remaining ventures survived and thrived offering viable options for future-proofed revenue streams.

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