Create your venturing strategy.

Leverage your corporate assets to build a venturing strategy that delivers new revenue streams for the future.  

Future-proof your business with the right venturing mix.

Speed in digital.

Beat the startup speed of innovation with lean corporate venture techniques that leverage your corporate assets.

New core business opportunities.

Explore and find alternate options of growth in emerging markets, consumer needs, and new technologies.

Innovation-risk mitigation.

Enable the right corporate venturing tools to mitigate the inevitable risk of innovation.

Co-create a venturing strategy that thrives on potential.

Define the right areas to unlock the new market potential.

Venture purpose definition.

Start with the end in mind. We’ll help you define the purpose of your venturing mix, and how far you’d like to branch out from your current markets and/or offerings.


Venturing toolkit selection.

Select your toolkit carefully, tailoring it to fit your purpose. Think M&A, startup acceleration, startup investment, venture incubation, among others.

Build clear selection criteria.

Based on your purpose and toolkit, take the next step to create a selection criteria that laser-focuses your venturing arm.

Allocate resources and milestones.

Transform your strategy into concrete actions by allocating program milestones, people, budgets, and incentive models wisely.

A lean, tailored venture strategy, built to scale.

Gaining a clear path forward allows you to take new opportunities at high speed.

Defined purpose and goals.

Clear venturing purpose with critically defined goals.

Tailored venturing toolkit.

A carefully selected mix of venturing techniques tailored to leverage your corporate assets.

Venturing roadmap.

Allocation of resources, milestones, and budgets to your venturing strategy.

Take the first steps to
create your venturing strategy.

An audit of your current venturing strategy.

A clear overview of the key decision to make.

An overview of hero examples of venturing strategies to learn from.

Two full days of our time

no strings attached.

Put us to the test by starting your discovery of investable venture concepts.

Cost-free, no hidden tricks. Hassle-free, no sales proposal. Effort-free, let us do the work.


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I’m Thomas, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Bundl. Where will 2021 bring your corporate venture?