We bring startup action to 
corporate ambition.

Building new businesses with the best of both.


The new model of entrepreneurship.

Many believe it’s impossible for corporations to adapt quickly and entrepreneurship is reserved for 20-somethings with laptops in a garage. Forget that. 

At Bundl, we combine proven methodologies with your corporate assets to beat the odds, and startups at their own game.

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Side by side. End to end.

Lack of ownership is the kryptonite for corporate innovation. And that’s where we come in, our teams take ownership with you every step of the venture journey.

We bring a mix of experienced serial entrepreneurs to build and scale your venture from scratch, at high speed, and with unstoppable momentum.

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One of the most experienced corporate venture development firms.

25+ ventures build.
We weren’t joking about being serial entrepreneurs.
200+ tracks.
We’ve learned a lot along the way.
2 locations.
Antwerp and
4-week concept validation.
We don’t waste time getting to market.
35 entrepreneurs inhouse.
From here, there, and everywhere.
134 venture building resources.
Knowledge means more when shared.

What our clients say about working with us.

We’ve worked with some of the most well-known corporations from around the world, helping them accelerate into new markets and find new growth. This is what they have to say about our collaboration.

“Our approach was based on trust, limited governance and limited amount of people looking over your shoulder”
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Kenny Henderyckx
Director Corporate Development

“Our approach was based on trust, limited governance and limited amount of people looking over your shoulder”
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Kenny Henderyckx Director Corp. Development

Built by the entrepreneurial spirit.

We carefully curate talent with the skills needed to foster entrepreneurship and build startups.

Our combined years of experience cover business development, innovation analysis, lean and agile methodologies, web development, UX and UI design, growth hacking, content marketing, and even cooking. 

Thomas Van Halewyck

Founding & Managing Partner – Head of Strategy

Nicolas Cap

Managing Partner – Head of Growth

Maxime Sureda

Managing Partner – Head of People & Operations

Jeroen van den Boom

Head of Ventures

Hanne De Bauw

Senior Venture Builder

Ritza Suazo

Innovation Journalist

Daan Steegmans

UX/UI Designer

Giorgio Orsucci

UX/UI Designer

Timmy Baert

Senior Venture Builder

Jelmer Peerbolte

Senior Venture Builder

Arthur Le Boudec

Senior Venture Builder

Solène Lune

HR & Operations Manager

Glenn De Cock

Digital Creative

Christian De Catelle

Venture Builder

James Deighton

Venture Builder

Julie Engelen

Venture Analyst

Alex Van Mael

Senior Growth Strategist

Sem Janssens

Growth Hacker

Gilles Waterschoot

Growth Hacker

Lucas Van den Elshout

Venture Builder

Sarah de Graaf

Venture Analyst

Sam De Smedt

Venture Analyst

Wouter De Mol

Office & Spark9 Manager

Leyash Pillay

Content Lead

Vincent Wauters

Venture Analyst

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