Why we’re investing in free-roam VR as a Telco — Intrapreneur Stories #11

Featuring Kenny Henderyckx, Director of Strategy & Corporate Development at Telenet

For a bit over a year, Kenny Henderyckx was the lead in the project that ended up being the corporate startup: The Park Playground.

Launched on May 2018, The Park is a pioneering entertainment venue that means to introduce new technologies, such as free-roam virtual reality, to the general public.

This venture started in one of the recurrent innovation tracks within Telenet, one of the biggest Telcos in Belgium, who was quick to spot the untaped potential to integrate such technologies with the current entertainment mediums that Telenet already provides, such as TV shows and movies.

The Park is still at its early stages, but the first venue is already a big success in the city of Antwerp.

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In the Interview:

  • The Future of Entertainment — 00:48
  • Why The Park Playground for Telenet? — 02:02
  • Taking the leap: from idea to action — 02:31
  • Milestones, steps & partnerships — 03:39
  • Senior Management & governance — 04:55
  • Regrets & do-overs — 06:05
  • Corporate Venturing as a separate entity — 07:15
  • How Telenet fosters intrapreneurship — 08:52
  • Key elements of an intrapreneur — 10:00
  • The intrapreneurial drive — 11:00
  • Expansion & potential of The Park Playground — 12:33
  • How to motivate and inspire commitment — 13:41
  • The definition of intrapreneur — 15:30

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    Afonso Rebelo de Sousa

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