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Step out of reality and into The Park!

An unforgettable free-roaming VR adventure for friends and families.

Bundl has built The Park from the ground up with Telenet and 9.5 Magnitude. From post-it to concept, business case, startup team, development, to fully-fledged startup launch. In 389 days. Let us show you the magic of how we did that with our end-to-end venture development methodology!

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Value Proposition

The Challenge

What is the future of entertainment and how can we define a clear value proposition in that area?

Day 0

Design Sprint Methodology

We used our design sprint methodology to tackle the Telenet challenge. The objective here was to create 3 to 5 different concepts for what a business in the future of entertainment could be.

Learn more about the sprint agenda and tools we used here !

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Day 0


Time to gather feedback from the Telenet team. Quick, smart visualization, not a 100 slides pitch deck. A B2B concept, a home entertainment 2.0, and a virtual reality concept. Together with Telenet, we decided to eliminate the first and to validate the other two with potential users.

Day 0


What better way to validate your concepts than by asking your potential customer? Most companies wait way too long to do this. But Telenet took the leap with us, and the reward was amazing. The users helped us eliminate and tweak the concepts into something more valuable.

“I believe the concept should focus more on the group’s experience, less on the individual level.”


“I feel less connected to the geeky technology feeling of Virtual Reality. I want the concept to focus more on experience.”

Day 0

Design Sprint #2

Ready for a second design sprint. The goal here was to amplify the concepts. Think business model, customer journey, USP, … The whole shebang! The outcome was codename BEYOND, with two Value Propositions, but one shared vision: Immersive Phygital Entertainment.


Day 0

Industry Expert Feedback

Time for industry experts to shoot. And with true entertainment experience from Tomorrowland, VR experts, tournament games... Feedback? Focus on immersive entertainment, believe in venues, and leverage Telenet assets (users, content, partnerships).

  • Tomorrowland

    Michael Keisers
  • Bump

    Arnoud Schoofs
  • The Yondr

    Pieter Van Leugenhagen
  • Garrincha

    Philippe Ombregt
Day 0

Telenet First Capital Round

Showtime! We were now backed by validation, business case, customer journey previews, value proposition… Our venture, with codename BEYOND, was ready for the next level: Pitching to the Telenet management team and CEO John Porter to do a first capital round. The goal? Get funded to prove market traction.


Alpha Launch

The Challenge

How can we prove market traction and build a business case in immersive entertainment?

Day 0

Beyond Startup Team

Prove market traction as fast as we could. What better way to do that than in a startup team, right? Two intrapreneurs from Telenet, two entrepreneurs from Bundl, dedicated time, agile to move quickly and make independent decisions. Just the way we like it!

Day 0

Prototype Hack & Partnership Tour

Our standard is building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to prove market traction. But what if there are already startups out there in this field? Exactly. You visit them, learn from them, maybe partner with them to move faster.

Day 0

Startup War Room

A startup team is one thing, but you need a place to focus as a team. Out of the corporate walls of Telenet, in a dedicated war room we’ve set up at Bundl, we could attain the necessary speed and focus to make this corporate venture thrive.

Day 0


With the knowledge of our worldwide tour, we identified what works and what doesn’t work in immersive entertainment. We gathered insights into hardware, technology, venue setup, business case and user throughput. The fundamental question now was how to create the key features and usp that would differentiate us in the market.

Day 0

Telenet x 9.5 Investment Pitch

Real market traction, insights, business case, user forecast, venue setup, and launch roadmap. Next step? Investment pitch to Telenet, with our own 9.5 Magnitude Ventures fund at the table. To put skin in the game, to guard the speed and agility, and to bring the 9.5 investor knowledge.


Startup Launch

The Challenge

How do we launch this startup, grow resources, and become a business?

Day 0


First things first. If we wanted to launch, we had to get rid of the codename BEYOND. THE PARK was born. Not just a brand identity, but a whole brand universe, including brand positioning, brand values, marketing tactics, experience images, USP, and much more.

Day 0

Startup Team 2.0

Backed with a second capital round, the startup team needed some reformation. Core setup: a general lead, product lead, and marketing lead. Surrounded by a very close board team, consisting of 1 member of 9.5, Bundl, and Telenet. Ready, set, go!

Day 0

Web & App Development

User experience is key. And although the venue of The Park, and the games itself, might be the climax for the customer, we developed a full end-to-end customer experience. From booking, to pre-experience, to after experience, we got it covered in our development.

Day 0


The Park is not just a digital experience; it’s a phygital experience. And this meant picking the first location in Antwerp to launch. That’s right, the first, because soon many more will follow. Interior branding, operational setup, bar necessities… the full Monty was developed in no time.

Day 0


The core of the experience, the game itself, was of course crucial. This meant game experience, story development, hardware, and supporting software. We are launching with two games at this moment, but a third game is already on its way! Stay tuned to hear more about that.

Day 0

Startup Team 3.0

How to make the startup team sustainable for the future? You hire the right people. High-end startup profiles are a rare breed, and it’s part of our core service to handpick them. Philippe De Schutter is now general manager, and we are hiring at this very moment. Interested in joining? Apply here!

  • Philippe De Schutter

    Managing Director
  • Cederik Haverbeke

    Technology Lead
  • Hiring Now!

    Marketing Lead
Day 0

Official Launch

15th of May, 2018. After 382 days of hard work, The Park was there! A post-it became a real customer experience, and nothing feels better than happy customers enjoying the future of entertainment, for the very first time.

Step out of reality and into the park

Thank you for reading!

Stay tuned! More info coming soon.

We can’t wait to tell you more about how things are evolving. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date here on how things are moving.

The Park is a leading example of how corporate venturing can be successful. A corporate doesn’t have to be slow to innovate; it isn’t inferior at all to startups, but instead it’s just about how you innovate. And Telenet has proven with us and 9.5 that venture development is a successful way to do that.

Thanks to all the partners involved!

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