The business moves shaping the new normal.

Learn about some of the world’s most innovative business moves, and how they’ve shaped our post-pandemic landscape.

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What is it for?

Get new ideas from all over the world that can help you respond and adapt to new consumer needs.


  • Discover how you can rapidly adapt your business to meet shifting customer demands. 
  • Read about how companies are leveraging new technologies in novel ways.
  • Find that companies from all industries are required to pivot in order to stay relevant.
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Key learnings


Digitalization was accelerated.

The path towards global digitalization, complemented by the stay-at-home economy, was pushed forward. 


New consumer relationship.

Many companies and their consumers forged a new relationship, one based on new societal forces.


Change is needed now for tomorrow.

The need for companies to reorganise to meet current conditions is a top priority and must be set up to be future-proof.  


Virtual is reality.

The adoption of virtual services moved from novelty to necessity – this is most noticeable in the facilitation of human connection across industries.  

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