Recruit true entrepreneurial leadership.

Find the right innovation talent to optimise your team, carry out your vision, and drive new revenue into your bottom line. 

Accelerate with our executive recruiting skills and experience.

Accelerate recruitment knowledge.

Detail the ideal team structure and find the type of profiles needed at a fast pace.

High-quality pipeline access.

Gain access to our proven pipeline structure and ensure right talent is recruited.

Leadership co-selection.

Find, qualify, recruit, and onboard the best person for the job, together.

Recruit your leadership.

Find the right fit for your company quickly and start moving forward.

Optimal team structure.

We help you shape your ideal team setup from your corporate entrepreneurship roadmap, outlining the skills needed to achieve growth targets.

Smart search.

Customised growth marketing tactics are combined with multiple 1-to-1 headhunting efforts to optimise the talent pool search.

Selection process.

Smart surveys, video interviews, and customised challenges are used to assess potential candidates.

Final screening.

Those with the proven hard skills are screened for team-fit, taking into account your wider corporate team and stakeholders.

Experienced negotiation.

We facilitate their entrepreneurial motivations and suggest success-based compensation structures that benefit both sides.

Talent experienced in scaling innovation.

Hiring innovative leaders increases the amount of contributors to group revenue.


Personalised talent structure developed to activate innovation growth.

Recruitment structure.

Proven screening process approved by Bundl’s 50+ leaders recruited over the past years.

Growth-minded innovation team.

Dedicated talent who are motivated to take your corporate to new heights through innovation.

Take the first steps to
recruit innovation leadership for free.

A personalised people growth plan design.

A map of your current skills and competencies.

Custom growth hacking tool selection to help you find the right talent.

Two full days of our time

no strings attached.

Put us to the test by starting your discovery of investable venture concepts.

Cost-free, no hidden tricks. Hassle-free, no sales proposal. Effort-free, let us do the work.


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