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Telenet and The Park launch Virtual Reality experience based on fiction series ‘De Dag’

Bundl's latest corporate startup is already creating waves in the free-roam VR world.

Belgian telco Telenet launched The Park in May 2018, an entertainment playground that focuses on group experiences using free-roam VR. Bundl was heavily involved in the project, from idea to officially opening the first venue in Antwerp.

Over eight months later, The Park now has a second location in Gent and is set to open the third in Hasselt in February 2019. In the past six months alone more than 15.000 bookings have been made, 43% of which are for team building activities. We also couldn’t be happier to know that the average satisfaction rating for the experience is 9.2 out of 10.

Bundl has built The Park from the ground up with Telenet and 9.5 Magnitude. The vision was to create an amazing immersive experience that would immerse a group of friends in different worlds. The creation of ‘De Dag’ enables anyone to step in and interact with the fictional worlds and characters we have grown to love, the ones we see in our favorite movies and TV shows.

“The question of thinking about a VR experience around ‘De Dag’ surprised us first, but our enthusiasm grew with each development phase. As scriptwriters of ‘De Dag,’ we have made sure that the VR experience is exciting and challenging, but also aligned visually and content-wise with the series. The virtual playground was a great new experience for us, and we are proud of the final result.” 

– Jonas Geirnaert and Julie Mahieu, creators of De Dag.

De Dag tells the story of a bank hostage situation, where the police and the criminals are engaged in tense negotiations. In the show, you see the events unrolling from different characters’ perspectives, getting closer to the full story with each episode. In the game, you take the role of a SWAT team member to intervene by entering the bank. In a group of 3 to 6 friends, your mission is to find the hostages, safely get them out of the bank, and capture the criminals. You’ll need to have a sharp aim for the close armed encounters with the captors, as well as a sharp mind to unlock all the mysteries and puzzles that you’ll encounter along the way. Teamwork and communication will be essential to complete all the tasks.

Telenet vr
 “It was crucial to involve the actors and the creators in the development, to make the experience even more intense. (…) We organized a shooting day in the Woestijnvis studios to simulate scenes of the series, so you really feel like you’re in the Fidesbank, and during the game, players receive instructions given by different characters from the series.”
– Philippe De Schutter, Managing Director of The Park

The game is a close collaboration with De Dag creators Jonas Geirnaert and Julie Mahieu, and it will premiere at both of The Park locations on January 23rd.

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