Customer Journey Canvas

Map out the needs and pains of your customer of tomorrow with this hands-on canvas.

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What is it for?

Focus on your customer experience so you can accurately map out their needs and pain points.

This exercise will give you a better idea of how to:

  • Identify customer needs and pain points
  • Pinpoint the joyful “WOW” moments in your customer journey
  • Turn customer “pains” into “pain relievers” or solutions that boost your “WOW” moments
Customer Journey

Step by step.



Make a list of “customer personas” to be included in the workshop. Use them as a “lens” to examine your customer journey.


Print Posters

Use one poster for each step of your customer journey. Write down each step on a separate poster.


Team up

During the workshop, focus on identifying customer needs and pain points, pinpointing the joyful “wow” moments in your customer journey and turning customer “pains” into “pain relievers”.



After the workshop, rank your key takeaways (e.g. major pain points, improvements, etc.).

Download your Canvas.

Learn more about your customer’s journey.

Customer Journey Canvas