Corporate incubator canvas.

Find the strategic value of your incubator and outline the right scope.

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What is it for?

This canvas will help you outline and make strategic decisions that shape your corporate incubator. 

This exercise can help you:

  • Find the strategic value of your incubator and set the right scope for it going forward. 
  • Highlight and make the most crucial decisions for development and success. 
  • Develop a clear framework for stakeholder discussions regarding key functions of the incubator.
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Step by step.

Incubator positioning.



Describe the main purpose of your incubator and set three clear targets that you want to achieve. Be critical about it as it will serve as the backbone for future decisions.



Indicate the core corporate objectives, and which will be prioritized. Also, choose how you hope to find bright minds to work on new ventures.



Define the range of your incubator by discussing how far you will move from the core business based on the market and products. 



Think about how you will position the incubator in your company, where the budget will come from, and what freedoms and restrictions you will have.

Incubator program.


Define the venture program

How are you structuring the process and how do you make sure things keep moving. Is there a fixed or flexible time span?



Define the weight of your admission priorities to choose new initiatives. Do the same for the criteria you will use to measure the success of a venture in your incubator.


Growth plan

Define what incentives you will give participants in your incubator and the resources you can make available to help your ventures grow.

Download your Canvas.

Strategically shape your corporate incubator.

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