Online Validation Canvas

Three canvases to scope, build, and set up online validation experiments

Available for online collaboration with your team

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What is it for?

This set of canvases will help you find objective purchase intent from real-world audiences online using the ‘smoke test method’.


  • Scope your experiment. 
  • Build an effective landing page. 
  • Outline the necessary decisions to be made.
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Step-by-step: Canvas 1 - Smoke test scope.


Define the goal

Do you want to learn about: different audiences, different pricing, or simply purchase intent? 


Identify target audiences

Develop audience personas that will be used to target your advertising.


Outline assumptions

What do you want to validate and when will you consider them proven?


Choose variant testing

Decide on the variants you want to test regarding messaging, price, product offers, etc.


Design and Build landing page

Use the second canvas to build your landing page.

Step-by-step: Canvas 3 - Smoke test approach.


Choose traffic channels

Social media is often the go-to channel but for more niche audiences you might want to get more creative.


Define landing page elements

Sometimes a buy button is enough, although you may want to, for example, conduct a follow-up survey for those  who leave their email. 


Measure results

Decide which measurements allow you to validate your experiment, and define the conditions for its efficacy.


Draw a flowchart

Illustrate your test setup to keep a clear overview for others to follow.

Download your canvas.

Scope, build, and run validation experiments.

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