Automate your marketing efforts for scale.

Move from product-channel fit to venture maturity by automating your most valuable customer-gaining journeys. 

Automate your marketing case on iphone

Boost your marketing effort to unlock exponential growth.

Clear marketing strategy.

Scaling and growing means investing more aggressively in marketing. The strategy ensures budget focus and direction.

Focused finish lines.

The length of each sprint is tailored to suit your company, which lets you plan, deliver, and review marketing efforts quickly.

Flexible marketing support.

Get tailored expertise from a marketer-in-residence that can be plugged in to design sprints.

Automate your marketing case on iphone
Automate your marketing telenet case

Inject our tailored marketing expertise:

Our plug-and-play marketing services will revamp, pivot, or expand your execution.

Marketing audit.

Analyse the insights and marketing efforts gathered during your MVP and beta launch with us to identify key focus areas to scale.

Marketing strategy sprints.

Deliver new strategic directions in a sprint with us to drive growth-focused executions in a short period of time.

In-residence marketer.

Reinforce your team with our growth marketing experts or leadership profiles to get instant acceleration and results.

Growth recruitment.

We will find top growth marketing talent as a permanent staff member for your venture to ensure a smooth transition without compromising on expertise and results.

Venture board strategy.

We bring in expert input and insights to your venture board strategy sessions to assist you in maintaining focus on customer needs.

A growth marketing expertise tailored to your rhythm.

Plugging in our growth team unlocks wide knowledge of new and effective acquisition channels.

Growth strategy.

Rapid experimentation to find valuable new channels.

In-residence growth expert.

Quick plug-in of our expertise to optimise strategy.

Venture board strategy sessions.

Facilitation of board strategy sessions to align on marketing-led growth.

Take the first steps to
automate your marketing for free.

Audit of current marketing efforts.

Guidance to maximize your reach in a short sprint.

A roadmap to achieve marketing-focused goals.

Automate your marketing expertise employee Bundl

Two full days of our time

no strings attached.

Put us to the test by starting your discovery of investable venture concepts. 

Cost-free, no hidden tricks. Hassle-free, no sales proposal. Effort-free, let us do the work.


Thomas Van Halewyck
Co-founder and managing partner at Bundl

What is your corporate innovation challenge? 

I’m Thomas, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Bundl. Feel free to contact me to help kickstart your new venture.