The innovative banking idea that transforms dreams into reality.

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A social & savings app that helps make dreams come true.

Didid is a unique app that supports users in turning goals, wishes and dreams into realized projects.

Digital disruptions in banking: threat or strategic opportunity?

It’s been happening for a while now. Digital platforms, app technology, and the increased consumer power of Generation Z are changing the way we do business…and banks are no exception. With the goal of innovation in mind, BNP Paribas Fortis hosted its 2nd international hackathon to gather new and disruptive startup ideas. It was in this setting that Bundl first pitched the concept behind Didid: an app that would enable users to visualize, share and fund their dreams.

The app presented an excellent way to disrupt traditional banking models, which focus mainly on your assets, saving and spending money. This new, consumer-centered paradigm, turns away from that to focus more on your dreams and ambitions. A core value that would open the bank to the often illusive Millenial and Generation Z clientele.

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Tearing down the walls between dreams and reality.

10K visitors

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of users shared dreams during testing


app users in the first 10 days

Among the 1st

Belgian companies to get PSD2

  • “As the bank for a world in change, we strongly believe in the development of new, ground-breaking ways of banking”

    Michael Anseeuw,
    General Manager Retail Banking

Disrupting the banking industry, one dream at a time.

The process behind creating the Didid app, from concept to dream weaver.


The first ideation phase took about a week and resulted in 2 concepts: the dream designer and the dream store. Together with BNP Paribas Fortis, we ran a feasibility check on both and ended up with one clear winner: The Dream Designer. That’s when the real fun began! 

A series of branding exercises were used to create a dynamic “look and feel” that would heighten the experience of each user.  By the end of the design phase, we were affectionately referring to the app with the codename “Horizon”.

  • Market research
  • Feasibility check
  • Concept & Branding mock-up
  • Business case
  • Pitch deck
Didid case design sprint


The MVP launch involved building a landing page for the app, advertising on social media and creating added buzz with a bit of press coverage. Users were incentivized to spread the word by implementing a “viral loop mechanism” that involved filling out a questionnaire and inviting others to subscribe to the app in exchange for a chance to get their own dream funded. The response exceeded our wildest expectations, with over 10.000 website visits, 200 survey responses, and 1000+ app users within the first few days.

  • Validation of the concept
  • Leveraged the Hello bank! Community 
  • Updated business case
  • Pitch deck
Didid case build mvp


A “staggered approach” was implemented to gather some last bits of data and make any necessary adjustments to the app before the final rollout. Bundl was involved in setting up the alpha and beta cycles of the launch as well as gathering the vital feedback that would help us really understand user needs. The application process for PSD2 licensing was also initiated, enabling users to access their bank accounts directly from the app. 

It was during this phase that Bundl began its gradual fade out, to make room for Didid, a brand new startup by BNP Paribas Fortis. It was also at this time that the app’s name was changed from “Horizon” to “Didid”.

  • Brand identity
  • Website and app development
  • Design and branding
  • Launch marketing campaign
Didid launch app


The Didid app is still going strong today, helping thousands of young dreamers visualize and fund their dreams. Bundl continues to be involved in a coaching capacity, acting as a soundboard for new ideas and concepts.

  • App upgrades 
  • Finding new users
  • Bundl in a coaching role

Meet the startup team.

Sebastian Lenaerts

Sébastien Lenaerts

Marketing Communications Manager at Didid

Maarten Verboven

Founder & Head at Didid

Isabel Boussy

General Manager at Didid

Latest updates.


Adjustment to the search feature to find inspiration while creating your own dreams

APRIL 2019

Expansion of the “share your dream” function

MARCH 2019

Launched in the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS